The United States has the most developed and safest air traffic and airport systems in the world. With approximately 16,000 operational airports throughout the nation — and more than a half-million active certified pilots — the American aviation program is a shining example of regulatory oversight and best practices.

Our engineering and planning teams play a critical role in advancing general aviation and commercial service airport service at home and abroad. We are dedicated to providing safe, efficient airport options for a diverse array of clients. Previous experience in Mexico, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Germany means that our team is fully prepared to manage international contracts, no matter the nature of the project.

Armstrong is committed to global aviation excellence. Our team includes several certified pilots who have a personal interest in promoting global expansion of general aviation and smaller commercial service airports. We know that expanding airport systems improves overall quality of life for communities, allowing for better transport of goods, faster access to quality medical care, and a more reliable transportation infrastructure. Armstrong’s vast experience in all aspects of aviation planning and engineering allows us to bring the newest approaches to developed nations and the developing world alike. Our efforts are designed to enhance the aviation experience in overseas locations, allowing us to bring the functional aspects — and the sheer enjoyment — of flight to our international counterparts.

Our China team

Handshake China Team
IMG_9755Armstrong’s China Aviation Market Leads, Michael and Serena Clegg, are property development experts with more than a decade of experience in international business. Michael and Serena are heavily invested in aviation in China, having procured a license to sell ultralight aircraft overseas. Their participation in our ongoing pursuit of global business provides us with specialized expertise and the ability to work cooperatively with the growing Chinese general aviation community.

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Global Projects
  • San Luis Rio Colorado International Airport

    Feasibility Study

    San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico

    Armstrong developed a planning solution for the airport to develop a state-of-the-art international cargo and passenger facility to accommodate an anticipated increase in air cargo over a 20-year planning period. This project was completed in 2009 - 2010, during which air cargo demand continued to grow, despite recession conditions. Our team proposed the San Luis Rio Colorado location because of its prime North American location, railroad and trucking access, favorable climate, low operating costs, and proximity to the U.S. ports of entry. We conceptualized a general aviation and commercial service site plan / property layout and completed a thorough financial analysis for the future of the airport.
    San Luis Rio Colorado International Airport | Feasibility Study | San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico
  • Baghdad International Airport

    Apron Parking Plan

    Baghdad, Iraq

    Armstrong create an apron parking plan for the Iraq Air Force C-130 program in 2012. This project was based on a needs assessment created by Lockheed Martin. Armstrong planners and engineers considered operational performance (including capacity and aircraft circulation), security, conformance with design standards, airspace, flexibility, and alignment with the Lockheed Martin strategic vision and feasibility. The plan provided aircraft parking locations for nine C-130J aircraft and six King Air 350 aircraft.
    Baghdad International Airport | Apron Parking Plan | Baghdad, Iraq